Jazz Choir 2014-2015

What is Jazz Choir?

Well, it’s not really just a ‘Jazz’ Choir. We will be learning about vocal jazz, but will also sing a cappella covers, pop tunes, show tunes, and possibly some other select material. This group is in the baby stages, and will meet three mornings a week (MWF) before school at 6:45 am. More expectations will be laid out in the first few weeks of school.

How do I audition?

Auditions will be when we get back from Labor Day weekend, September 2-5 after school. Sign up for a time on the bulletin board, and fill out an audition info sheet to bring with you.

What will be in the audition?

  • Major Scale
  • Major Triad/Minor Triad
  • Aural Recall
  • Sight Reading
  • Beat boxing (if that is what you’re auditioning for)


Beat boxing:

High School A Cappella Groups:

Think of songs, find videos, and post them to the FB page!


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